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The following initiatives address the issues most adversely affecting students. ASAS inspires students to be healthy, to graduate find a job and give back.



Helping students become more active, healthy and empowered.

Connecting health and fitness to character and leadership is a pathway for students to succeed. ASAS recognizes that our students can achieve their personal best in school when they are equipped with the tools to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Sports as a Hook is a unique sports-based youth development program which connects sports activities to lessons on leadership, teamwork, resilience, discipline, nutrition, community service, gender equality and exposure to nature. ASAS also introduces students to athletes, caring coaches and successful role models in the sports industry, who teach students about goal-setting, public speaking, interview skills, career exploration and financial management.

ASAS hosts Sports Showdown events on both Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island, to promote friendly competition and sportsmanship between students. Most recently, ASAS has launched an After-School Athletic League on Oʻahu to provide opportunities for student-athlete development.



Community issues identified, studied and addressed through student-led service projects.

Studies consistently show that students who participate in service learning programs have improved academic performance and positive behavior in school. ASAS offers our Life Service Action program, to enhance student achievement, help students develop as leaders and inspire participants to engage in their communities,. Through their participation in student-led, curriculum-based, service learning projects, ASAS students are exposed to new concepts in learning and develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and civic awareness.

Students can also be part of the ASAS Hawaii Youth Advisory Board, which is a student leadership group comprised of students from every ASAS program. They represent their schools and provide a voice for their fellow All-Stars during the school year, as well as plan events and service learning events for the organization.



Preparing students to thrive in the workplace and ever-changing economy.

Career Exploration Opportunities is a financial literacy, career development and entrepreneurialism program created to help students learn to be self-sufficient adults, prepare them for the 21st century economy and inspire long-term career planning. CEO also connects youth with community leaders and role models from government, business and the nonprofit sectors, to learn 21st century workplace skills.



Targets at-risk 8th graders and prepares them for high school and beyond.

In response to America’s current high school dropout crisis, ASAS provides our We Are Ready program to better prepare our middle school students for success in high school and beyond. Our curriculum targets 8th graders who exhibit signs that they are at risk of dropping out and helps them answer the question: Why does graduating from high school matter? In addition, outgoing 8th grade students are invited to participate in CampReady, a 3-day, 2-night high school and college preparation camp, held at a university campus, to encourage college aspiration.

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