Midweek Bert’s All-Stars

A new program, After-School All-Stars, provides constructive and creative fun for middle-schoolers, and Bert Kobayashi is excited to help lead the way

Standing in front of Dole Middle School in Kalihi brings back memories for Bert Kobayashi. He laughs as he recalls his trek from his home in the valley, through the neighborhoods, across the river “I would just hike my pants up and go across, but sometimes the water was really high!” to get to school. One of the most recognized real estate names in Hawaii, it’s no wonder Kobayashi immediately points out that, when he was among the first group of students attending the school back in 1957, much of the area was relatively undeveloped. Many of the school buildings had not yet gone up. There was just a big open field where the students played, and back then there was no police station adjacent to the school.

Time seems to slow down as he remembers his smallkid days. It’s easy to feel nostalgic about those simpler times when kids could mosey along to and from school with no worry of danger. Now, Kobayashi points out, both parents work, sometimes multiple jobs, and there are many single-parent households. Curtailed parental supervision means it’s easier for kids to be exposed to the ever-evolving problems of violence, sex, drugs and alcohol, even at a young age.

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