After-School All-Stars Hawaii seeks reliable, energetic and innovative individuals to join our team! If you are interested in applying for any of the jobs listed, please submit a cover letter and resume via email to

In your email, please indicate the position you are applying for, which school, and your last name in the subject heading.  Here are job descriptions for common positions that may have openings:

Site Coordinator
The full-time (unless noted part-time) site coordinator, under the direction of the program director and school principal, is responsible for the daily operations of the program, including, but not limited to, personnel, activities, and general program operations:

  • Coordinate and monitor program activities to assure quality programming
  • Maintain an inviting, safe, orderly environment
  • Maintain a clear and consistent line of communication with program staff, school administration, and parents
  • Develop schedules that incorporate student interests, required curricula and timeframes and ensures their accurate implementation
  • Organize student recruitment activities
  • Maintain and forward fiscal data, including receipts, time sheets, material requests, evaluations, and attendance data to the program manager according to established procedures and timelines
  • Salary plus benefits.  For a full job description of the site coordinator position, please email

Program Leader
The part-time Program Leader, under the direction of the program director, site coordinator, and school principal, is responsible for the daily implementation of the After-School All-Stars program model:

  • Supervise students at all times
  • Be at the school site during program hours, approximately 3-6pm
  • Prepare and plan activities that reflect the required program curriculum
  • Follow enrichment/academic/health and fitness schedules accurately
  • Gauge student interests and interact with students to ensure that all students are always engaged in the learning process
  • Work in conjunction with the Site Coordinator and fellow Program Leaders to ensure the smooth delivery of program activities
  • Complete attendance accurately and report to the Site Coordinator
  • $12/hourly rate (part-time)